Friday, August 11, 2017

House Tour - Part 3 of 3

House Tour final post! 

Part 3: Basement

This is the ONLY area in the house (well, besides Adam's closet) 
that I do not tidy up every day. 
This space receives my attention once a week only. 

This is how it looks during that one time a week:

This is how it looks the other 6.5 days:

The toy collection represents about half of our total toys.
The other half are stowed on shelves in the unfinished part, 
as part of my informal toy rotation. 

"Work-Out Area"

The "work-out area" is a collection of Adam's work out gear. 
I've run on that treadmill exactly twice
for about 3 minutes each time, 
then I decided I'd rather run outside in the 110 degree heat 
or, alternatively, in a foot of snow. 

More commonly, this space is Adam's golf fun. 
And the boys love love love to watch Daddy practice golfing. 
(It's weird, I know.)

This space also houses the beer fridge,
 which originally Adam tried to put upstairs in the family room
Trust me, its current location has not hindered our beer drinking. 

"Office" / Panic Room / Kidnapped Children Room

The sellers listed this as a "in-home office." 
This sad windowless space would be the most depressing office ever. 

Interestingly, it has a locked door with a special key 
different from all the other locks in the house. 
Therefore, I affectionately refer to this as the "kidnapped children room." 
Others have referred to it as the "panic room." 
It's true purpose is baby gear storage. 

When we are all done having kids, I have no idea what we'll do with. 
Make-out room for teenagers? 

Unfinished Part


In the winter, this space stores the outdoor toys currently on the side patio. 
And if we didn't have that "kidnapped children's room",
 this would also be piled with baby gear. 
I'm pretty meticulous about keeping this space organized, 
because I refuse to be overrun with nonsense storage like in our townhome 
(example: this post of horror). 


Well, that's it. 
That's our "new" house. 
Although can you call it "new" when you've lived there a year? 


  1. I am so jealous of all of that extra space!!! Your description of the panic room/kidnapped children room/teenager make-out room made me laugh. We have this strange, very short closet in our master bedroom (goes under the stairs and the doorway hits no higher than my hip), and we call it the hobbit hole. The kids love hiding in there!

    Thanks for the tour- always fun to see where people live!

  2. I am always fascinated by basements!