Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hello 2019

Well hello again!

After making December my best blogging month of 2018, 
I've had a rough start to January. 

Let's see... 

Hanukkah was great. 
-- 1 day of 8 recap here --

And Christmas was great 
[insert long recap & pictures here] 

The placement of Hanukkah this year was PERFECT. 
IMO, Hanukkah is best at least 1-2 weeks before Christmas. 
NOT all the way to Thanksgiving, 
like in 2013 when Hanukkah overlapped Thanksgiving. 
That was a little ridiculous. 

But early-to-mid December is a perfect Hanukkah for us. 
At least a week between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, 
then at least a week between Hanukkah and Christmas.
We have multiple events per holiday, 
and separating the two holidays spreads out the joy* in December. 
*and chaos and stress

This year (2019), Hanukkah starts on Dec 22nd which is the worst 
because it crams all Hanukkah & Christmas activities into the same week. 
Of course, I recognize that Jewish kids LOVE a late Hanukkah, 
because then school break actually coincides with their big holiday. 
So yes, I'm selfish in my Hanukkah placement requests. 

Moving on...

NYE was great
[insert long recap here] 

Our traditional NYE dinner out

And my birthday was ... ok. 
Adam had a health scare that could have been anything from
"omg you are dying of cancer
"you're fine.
And he was absolutely fine. 
All tests came back clean, 
but the anxiety of it put a slight damper on the day. 

Never fear, there's always next year!

And that's a wrap for my recap. 

Next up: New Year Resolutions. 
I love reading other people's resolutions/goals posts. 
I don't think resolutions have to be perfectly met to be successful. 
Most times it's about the learning process on the way. 
So my next post is about whether I accomplished my 2018 resolutions
 (some yes, some no), 
followed by a blogpost about 2019 resolutions. 


  1. You could post a picture or two! I know you aren't big on recaps but I wouldn't cry if there were a FEW more, ha. How did I not know you had a birthday over the break? What's the actual date? Glad Adam is ok!!!

  2. Sorry your birthday was a bit of a dud, but glad Adam is ok! And looking forward to hearing about your 2018/2019 resolutions!

  3. I'm sorry about Adam's health scare but glad everything turned out okay. What a way to start the year and spend your birthday though. Yikes.

    December was definitely my best blogging month too!

    And yes, I too have looked up when Channukah is and am already dreading it. Yuck... I don't mind an early Channukah because we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in late November but a late December Channukah is hard.