Wednesday, March 30, 2016

38 Weeks

38 Weeks. 

"It feels like you've been pregnant forever." 
I've heard this from no less than 10 coworkers at this point. 
Yes, TRUST ME, I know!

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
28 lbs
2 lbs week-over-week gain. 
(-9 lbs with Aaron)

All over the effing place. 
One night I wake up once at 3am and can't get back to sleep. 
Then the next night I wake up eight times but go right back to sleep every time.

Lemonade-flavored Coconut Water
By far my strongest craving yet. 
So much that I signed up for just because they sell it super cheap in bulk. 

Symptoms of the Week
Frequent Peeing. 
Sporatic Insomnia. 
Leveled-up Braxton hicks. 
Weird vivid dreams. 
Down-there shooting pains.
Super sweaty feet. 
Swelling in my feet/arms. 
Tingly extremities. 

These feet are everywhere I tell ya. 

Still Running?
Yes, still that run 3 min, walk 3, run 3, walk 3, etc. 
I'm averaging about 1.7 miles total, maybe 0.5-0.75 non-consecutive running.  

Excited for
Busy weekend ahead. 
Saturday baby shower for my BFF due with her first a month after me. 
Sunday a baptism for friend's baby born in January. 
Very baby-esque weekend!

General Mood:
I've relegated myself to a c-section on April 19th, 1 week past my due date. 
This has yet to be confirmed with the doc, 
but I know it's an option they would allow. 

As much as I'm sick of being pregnant, 
I really want to space out Aaron's and Baby Brother's birthdays as far as possible. 
March 23rd to April 19th is a pretty far spacing. 
Plus it gives me more chances to go into labor on my own. 

This is literally the only thing I'm clingy to at this point.

38 Weeks with Aaron here

Monday, March 28, 2016

Running While Pregnant

I had a hell of a time finding any information about running while pregnant. 
The little I found was usually hardcore marathon runners. 
People like: 
"I usually run 50 miles a week so adjusting to only 20 was hard.
Oh shut up and go put cream on your foot fungus! 

 What about the women who just wants to a do a couple miles a few times a week? 

Therefore, this is me sharing my experience 
via a series of questions I either googled myself, 
or have been asked by others. 


Can I run while pregnant? 

First and foremost, ASK YOUR DOCTOR. 
Your doctor is the expert on you. 
Go check with him/her first.

When I asked, this was the response my doctor gave: 
"You can do anything you have been doing. 
If you've been running 5 miles, then keep running 5 miles. 
But you shouldn't start training for anything new. 
If you usually run 3 miles, don't start training for a 10K.

Ok, that makes sense! 


Doesn't running shake the baby? 
Doesn't your belly bounce? 

And no. 
My coworker gave me crap all the time for "shaking the baby." 
Babies cannot be shaken in utereo

And no, even at my biggest whale-like status, my belly never "bounced." 
There may be a host of other things to deal with (see below), 
but bouncing was never one of them. 


How far did you run? 

1st through 2nd trimester I was running a solid 3-3.75 miles. 
My 3rd trimester hit me hard
and I dropped down to under 2 miles (avg 1.7). 
As of right now (38 weeks), 
I can only run about 3-4 minutes at a time, 
then walk, 
then run another 3-4 minutes, 
then walk a bit, 
and repeat.


What do you wear while running pregnant? 

THIS was my #1 question that I could not find an answer to ANYWHERE. 

My non-maternity wardrobe is all DryFit Nike or CoolGear/HeatGear Under Armour. 
The fabric is moisture-wicking. 
The quality is durable. 
The seams are comfortable for repeated motion.

Those mega-billion-dollar corporations that specialize in athletic gear, 
who pour millions (billions?) into R&D, 
(Wrote about my winter wardrobe here

 these mega-billion companies don't make maternity wear is beyond me. 
Nike and UA both sponsor female athletes who have gotten pregnant. 
Why not makes clothes for them? 

Rant over. 

Obviously, before the maternity bloat, 
I wore my normal clothing. 

Once the bloat set in (a nice early 12 weeks!), 
I found a pair of maternity capris from Motherhood
In a word?  
Fabric was itchy and cheap. 
But I managed. 
When winter set in, I layered a pair of cheap cotton Old Navy maternity leggings. 
It was an unfortunate look, but it worked. 

I was SHOCKED that I never had to buy maternity shirts. 
The nice thing about quality active gear is the STRETCH. 
I was able to wear my UA/Nike tanks, shirts, and even my winter running jackets. 
Obviously, my skintight gear did not fit, 
but the looser clothing definitely got me through. 

As other options...
I found some possible options through Nordstrom's maternity active category
Ingrid & Isabel look to make some nice shirts and light running jackets. 
There's also a cute site called fortwofitness 
that has some super adorable running shirts 
AND recently added fitness shorts and capris, 
which I would have totally bought if they were available last fall! 

But again, I cannot speak for either of the two above. 
I can only confirm that Motherhood sucked. 

35 weeks pregnant here:
 Leggings: Motherhood (gag) 
Shirt: Nike DryFit non-maternity 
Belly band: see below


Does it hurt to run pregnant? 
What are some of the physical obstacles? 

I won't lie, it's not comfortable. 
You have to WANT it. 
Shana from The Mom Edit wrote an awesome post about running with chemo
and while I would say that generally pregnant running is not that bad, 
sometimes it really did feel like death. 
My biggest motivator was knowing that IF I gave up, 
I wouldn't be able to restart.

Common obstacles:

- Pelvic Pressure
The belly doesn't bounce, but it does press down on the pelvic area. 

- Frequent peeing
No matter how many times I'd pee beforehand,
 I ALWAYS had to make a stop a mile in to go pee.  
Our local township building as a bathroom right by the entrance so I would make a pit stop every run. 

- Shooting pelvic pains
This sounds bad and dangerous, 
but I made a personal decision to try to push through. 
Often times the pain would go away. 
But sometimes I had to walk for a few minutes before resuming. 

A few reasons I pushed through the shooting pains: 

1. This was my 2nd pregnancy and thus felt comfortable about my body. I would have NEVER done this with my 1st pregnancy.

2. I never spotted or had any sign of bleeding. 

But, at the risk of being sued, JUST CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. 


Anything help? 

Yes, a belly band was a huge HUGE help. 
I purchased the Gabriella Maternity Support Band (see above in picture).
I wore it over my [crappy] activewear pants.
I bought the band at 27 weeks but should have gotten it sooner. 
It alleviated so much pelvic pressure and I couldn't imagine running without it. 


And that's it? 
Anything I missed? 
Any advice on other maternity brands? 
Do you know any non-marathoner-blogs that talk about running while pregnant?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bad Day

You know those days where nothing life-changing goes wrong, 
yet all the little shit goes wrong? 
That was yesterday. 

The day itself seemed to be going just fine through the afternoon. 
Just another ho-hum day. 

I picked up Aaron from daycare and headed through rushhour traffic to my 37-week OBGYN appointment. 
I arrive only to find out that
they had scheduled my appointment for THE PREVIOUS DAY
and that there was no room and they could only reschedule me for next week. 

First of all, I knew I hadn't gotten the appointment wrong. 
I would have NEVER agreed to an appointment on Aaron's birthday. 

Secondly, although they don't do reminder calls for preggo appointments, 
you'd think they would call for no-shows. 
Like: "hey, are you and the baby still alive?" 
Shit like that. 

Third, its such a production taking a toddler to a doctor's appointment, 
so to drag him from daycare all the way there with promises of iPad and candy, 
only to turn around and leave... infuriating. 

Ok, so that's part one. 

We get home and I'm all excited for the packages awaiting. 
Zappos sent me new sandals
Clinique sent me new skin care. 
And Amazon sent me postpartum skirt, shoes, and Lucas pawaw

Oh wait, except Amazon's box was no where to be found! 

I've never filed a claim before but I guess I will be now. 
Bah humbug!

At this point, it's really a good thing Aaron went to bed without fuss, 
because otherwise I would have just plain lost my shit. 

So really, it was only two parts. 
But add in the very hefty PREGNANCY HORMONES 
and you've got a severe dose of rage-against-the-world. 

If only if only...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Aaron is 3. 

Here he is as a blotchy little potato 3 years ago:

and here is blowing out his 3rd birthday cake candles 
during his [at home, low key] party this weekend: 

And if you are desperate need for a excessively-lengthly, 
over-detailed birth story, 
you can read his right here



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

37 Weeks

37 Weeks. 

By this time with Aaron, 
we had our whole to-do list checked off. 
Car seat installed. 
Hospital bag packed. 
Baby Gear out. 
Clothes washed. 

 This time? 
Uh, we filed our taxes!  

I don't feel particularly rushed. 
My last OB visit, my cervix was still wayyyy far away and closed tight. 
My body is not posting the eviction notice anytime soon. 

Baby Size
Winter Melon

  The "Growth Scan Ultrasound" reported that baby is currently 6 lbs 10 oz, 
and on track for 8 lbs overall! 
Maybe - just maybe - I'll be able to accomplish my Pregnancy Goals!

Total Weight Gain
26 lbs. 
1.5 lbs week-on-week again.

(-11 lbs with Aaron) 

Two weeks ago I was all: "look at me! I can still wear my rings!" 
Yeah well no shit, Emily, you haven't actually tried to take them off
Yeah they are comfortable to wear, 
But it took 2 Tbs olive oil to get them off. 
End story: I'm now ring less again. 

Slight improvement briefly, 
Then back to my familiar insomnia. 
Plant Earth missed me. 

Lemonade-flavored Coconut Water. 
Because real coconut water is gross, 
but lemonade flavor is yummmmyyy. 

Symptoms of the Week
Braxton Hicks. 
Super weird crazy vivid dreams.  
"Down there" pain - which I would take as a good sign except I had the same with Aaron and was 6 days late. So... no hope. 

My little acrobat. 
Those feet are always sticking out some place.  
Lots of head-butting. 

Still Running?
Yes, again, that run/walk thing. 
About 1.5 miles walking total, 
so about 0.5 miles actually running.  

Excited for
Prenatal massage scheduled for this Saturday. 
I can already hear the angels singing.

General Mood
Good I guess. 
I'm not really as miserable. 
Time still drags. 
I still feel like I'll be pregnant forever. 
But the fact that I feel better than I did with Aaron, 
makes it all seem a little brighter. 

37 Weeks with Aaron here.  
I like how I announced "full term" like I thought I was close to giving birth. 
Little did I know I had 3 weeks and 6 days left. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Simplying Childhood

Good news!
In just a few weeks, I'll have better things to blog about 
[like how to breastfeed an infant while running after a toddler] 
than stupid parenting articles I find all over the internet. 

In the meantime... 
(This one is compliments of Pregnant Chicken via facebook) 

 Simplifying Childhood may protect against Mental Health Issues

In a nutshell, we're screwing up our kids with 
too many toys ("stuff"), 
too much information, 
too many choices, 
and too much speed. 

I give myself a big fat gold star in the toy department. 
We aren't quite "child in Africa with only sticks and a ball" level, 
but Aaron has less toys than any other child we know, 
and with my Toy Rotation System
he has maybe 2-3 toys available to him at any one time. 

I give myself an F for FAILURE in speed. 
I love a busy lifestyle. 
I love activities and parties and going places. 
I also justify this because I feel like Aaron loves it too. 
But is it healthy? 
I don't know. 
I know I go stir-crazy staying home all day. 
But perhaps that's good for Aaron, too?

I'm sure it's all a balance. 
Just like the article states that sports are not the problem, 
but having TOO MANY organized sports becomes a problem because it eliminates downtime. 
At the ripe age of just-about-to-turn-3, 
Aaron isn't exactly running off to soccer practice, piano lessons, and theater. 
(Although there are some parents who have all those activities for their 2-year-olds... 
They are crazy.)

Anyway, just some food for thought. 

And to cap this off, 
here's Aaron doing the most simple childhood thing ever: 
kicking dirt.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Fear Humor

In honor of finding-blog-material-that-isn't-pregnancy-related
I decided to put together a few of my favorite memes. 

First up: FEARS


I have threatened this before. 


Because if it's dark, they can sneak up on you! 

What do you mean this doesn't work? 


 OMG YES X 1,000,000

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

36 Weeks - 9 months!


Monday night I went to the grocery store, 
and the woman in front of me in line asked when I was due. 
I replied with a smile: "A month!" 
She replied in a total monotone: "Oh." 
Wait, what does "oh" mean? 
Does "oh" mean I should be due tomorrow? 
Had I not been distracted by my noisy toddler, 
I may have inquired as to the OH. 
Instead, I'm still thinking about it 2 days later. 
What exactly is "oh"?!?!

Baby Size
One of my favorite fruits when fully ripe, 
but generally places serve it crunchy and unripe. 

Total Weight Gain
24.5 lbs 
Flat week-on-week 

(-10.5 lbs less than with Aaron) 

HAHAHA, what's that?

Sausage & cheese english muffin sandwiches. 

Symptoms of the Week
Braxton hicks. 
Middle-of-the-night cramps.
Really weird vivid dreams.  
Incessant hunger at random times (like 2am). 

Crazy movement. 
Particularly painful when he head-butts my bladder. 
"Oh, I don't need to pee." 
[3.5 seconds later] 

Still Running?
Barely yes. 
Run one song, walk a song, run a song, walk a song, 
My routes are 1.2-1.7 miles, 
and about 0.5-0.75 of that is actually running. 
Excited for
Aaron's birthday party this weekend! 
He turns THREE on the 23rd (Wednesday) 
so we opted to have his party this Sunday. 
I do low-key birthday parties. 
Family and friends at home, 
with subs, chicken fingers, cake, balloons, and presents. 
No clever themes. 
No rented out play spaces. 
I'm sure that time will come, but just not now. 

General Mood
 I'm feeling surprisingly good these days. 
It's as though my body has adjusted to the insomnia. 
Insomnia is still there, but I'm no longer exhausted all day. 
I feel much better than my first pregnancy. 
I'm more active, more flexible, and more productive. 
I don't feel as much like a fat whale on a beach. 
So yes, overall good.  

36 weeks with Aaron here 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Got 90 minutes?

Who the hell has 1.5 hours to watch a lecture about sugar? 

Well the stars aligned and I did. 

This past weekend the weather was miserable, 
Adam had to work, 
and Aaron had a fever so we were home bound. 
Fortunately, my child is hitting expert level on independent play (yayyyy!) so I spent 1.5 hours lying on the couch watching this while he played all around me. 

From University of California, San Francisco:

While there's lots of lectures and documentaries on food 
(I recently watched Fed Up and wrote about it here), 
the science in this was absolutely MIND BLOWING. 

Most documentaries have to glaze over the science, 
but this video went into such depth that I felt like I should be taking notes in my college class. 
 It also touched on a TON of different points, including: 

1. The "obesity epidemic" (and how it's REALLY not the problem).

2. Exactly HOW the brain copes with weight gain and weight loss (FASCINATING). 

3. Health trends in America over the last few decades (pretty typical). 

4.  Sugar as an addictive, comparing it to both alcohol and caffeine.  While caffeine is addictive, caffeine is not toxic.  Alcohol is both addictive and toxic, so it is regulated.  Sugar is BOTH addictive and toxic.  So sugar is basically un-regulated alcohol. 


One thing that I particularly liked about this video 
(besides the science), 
was that the video is 100% ACTIONABLE. 
I recently watched Food Inc and was just depressed. 
It wasn't realistically actionable. 

But this video is actionable. 
I'm not saying that I'm throwing out my pantry.
But even little tiny tid-bits from this video are helpful. 
They can help shape habits I create for Aaron. 
They help shape my own habits as I browse the grocery store. 
Little things that can make life better. 
That's what I loved about it. 

In short, if you find yourself stuck somewhere for 1.5 hours. 
Like, if you failed your first pregnancy glucose test and have to do the second 3-hour one...
 I highly recommend! 

(Credit: Video found via blog "The Art of Making a Baby")

Friday, March 11, 2016

Life Lately with a Toddler

I'm taking a break from miserable pregnancy posts to focus on our current life with a toddler. 

Aaron turns 3 in a few weeks. 
He's SO BIG. 
We measured him at 38 lbs and 39"
but we'll have the official doctor measurements in a few weeks. 
Either way, we know our kid is BIG. 
Not fat, just big and SOLID! 
Muscle mass solid. 
Some of my friend's toddlers are tall, but thin, and therefore pretty light.
Aaron is deceptively heavy. 
He's not fat but he's just solid.
People go to pick him up and are like:
 "WHOA, he's heavier than he looks." 


Aaron helps himself to food in the fridge. 
He will randomly walk in the room with an apple (allowed
or a cup of milk (not allowed unless its mealtime
or he'll take a bite of his leftovers and put it back (?!?!). 
I thought this wasn't supposed to start until they were teenagers?!?!?! 


We went to the Starbucks drive-through. 
We rarely get Starbucks but I was hankering for a chai latte. 
As Adam is placing my order, we hear from the back seat: 
"I want French fries... and milk... and chicken nuggets!" 

We immediately burst out laughing
to which he responds: 
"Don't laugh at me, Mommy and Daddy!" 


Aaron was lying on the couch one day 
and he requests: 
"Mommy, put blanket on me. 
Now you go to your space. 
This is my space." 

I wonder if that argument works when I'm in the bathroom? 


Compared to most kids his age, 
Aaron gets very little screen time (and zero iPad time). 
Mostly when Adam is around 
because with me I'm all about the: 

The shows he does watch are: 
Golf tournaments (no football until fall!  boohoo!).  
Myth Busters. 
Holmes Makes It Right.

Apparently Holmes Makes It Right has been quite inspirational. 
Aaron spends so much time fixing things around the house with his Green Toys tool box (favorite toy award!).  

His narration: 
"I'll get my workers to do this." 
"There's water in the walls here!" 
"We need to take this off and replace it." 

Screwing in a new hook on the bathroom door. 

Of course, along with all this cuteness is a HEFTY dose of temper. 
Maybe it's this stage of pregnancy, but I have ZERO patience for his tantrums. 
I haul him off to his room (like, physically pick him up and carry him there), 
where he will scream and hit the door for a solid 15 minutes. 
Sometimes he cries at the end, sometimes he reappears all happy. 
No matter what, he has to say he's sorry and then he gets a long hug, 
lots of kisses, and I always tell him how much I love him. 

Oh, Aaron. 
Amazing how he can be the most amazing wonderful part of the day, 
and also the very worst part of the day. 
Oh toddler-hood!