Wednesday, July 3, 2019


There are times where a subject matter is important enough, 
that I can't write my own words on it. 

In this case, I turn to esteemed writer Ashley Gadd. 
She wrote this post about longings with her Baby #3. 
And I echo every. single. word. 
Right down to the books, 
the tracking, 
the marital frustration, 
and all the thoughts and feelings. 

So rather than fumble through my own words, 
please go read hers. 

And then come back here to tell me what you think. 


  1. When I (finally!) got pregnant with Rachel, I couldn't wait for the gender ultrasound. With Sam, we didn't care if we were having a boy or a girl and waited until he was born to find out. With Rachel, I KNEW she was our last child and I wanted to prepare myself if she was going to be a boy. I said to Dave, "I want to get the disappointment of not having a daughter out of the way so I can be fully happy and joyful at the birth." I felt guilty because I should have just been so happy to be pregnant (after six months of trying at age 38 and a miscarriage) and I WAS but I also wanted to know what our family would look like.

    All this is to say, I hear you on where you are coming from and I am wanting with you. After overwhelming thankfulness and joy when you announced your pregnancy, hoping it was a daughter for you was my next thought. Sending love and patience to you as you wait.

  2. Holy crap. That was beautiful. And I totally get it. I had all those feelings when we found out Drew was a girl - I was so happy to be having a girl but felt so guilty I wanted a girl, like it diminished what I felt for Trent. I also wanted Paige to be a girl and felt all those same feelings again ha - just for a lot longer!

  3. Here's the real question I'd love to know the answer to: if #3 is a boy, how many more times would you be willing to try for a girl? I'll keep my fingers crossed that this one is a little miss... can't wait for you to enjoy the drama that comes along with one ;)