Friday, December 31, 2021

Books I Read (December)

 Total Books Read in December: 5
This closes out my yearly total at around 65 books*, 
which is pretty damn good for me! 
I don't know if I'll ever be someone who reads 
100 books a year, but I'm inching closer, bit by bit. 

*There is a discrepancy. 
My blog counts 64 books, 
while goodreads counts 66. 
I'm not counting one of the goodreads' books 
(it was a kid's book) 
but that should still get me at 65... 
so why the extra book in Goodreads?
Oh well. 
I'm not going to take the time to figure it out.

You Got Anything Stronger? 
By Gabrielle Union 

Gabrielle Union is a fantastic storyteller. 
She's engaging and wildly funny. 
I loved her first book (reviewed here
and this one was even better. 
It covers a wide range of hard topics, 
from infertility 
to parenting trans kids 
to everything in between. 
Solid read.

Clap When You Land
By Elizabeth Acevedo 

It took me about half the book to get into it, 
then I couldn't put it down. 

I've never read a book like this, all in prose, 
and it was just stunning. 
The storyline is really good 
(or at least, the second half of the storyline is outstanding, 
the first half drags a bit) 
and I really loved it. 

The People We Keep 
By Allison Larkin 

OMG this book. 
It consumed me. 
I couldn't put it down. 
It broke me heart repeatedly 
and I was desperate to find out how it ended. 
And let's just say, the ending did not disappoint. 
Wonderful book. 

Taste: My Life Through Food 
By Stanley Tucci 

I have loved Stanley Tucci for years. 
Hard to pick a favorite role, 
but him as Nigel in "The Devil Wears Prada" 
may be my top pick. 

Reading this book is deeply comforting, 
as you can hear his distinct voice in the narration. 
He's a bit pretentious but also self-deprecating and funny. 
It wasn't a gripping memoir 
(no deep life topics like Gabrielle Union above) 
but it was a light, enjoyable read, 
with a heavy dose of food obsession. 

The Guncle 
By Steven Rowley 

This book was over-hyped for me. 
Even when I checked it out from the library, 
the lady behind me in line 
(who looked about 75 years old) 
said she loved it. 

It's a solid storyline 
and I wouldn't say I hated it, 
but it definitely felt overrated. 

The One 
By John Marrs

I read this last month 
but waited until after book club to post about it. 


This tackles so many interesting topics, 
from soulmate theory (which I don't believe in) 
to sexual orientation 
(which spawned the most interesting book club discussion). 

I recommend it with caution 
only because it's so fucked up. 
One storyline is a serial murderer of young women 
and while that was my favorite storyline, 
it's quite disturbing.  

So highly highly highly recommend... 
if you can stomach it.