Monday, January 31, 2022

Books I Read: January

 Books Read in January: 10
2022 Running Total: 10

Concrete Rose 
by Angie Thomas 

The prequel to "The Hate U Give" 
about Starr's father Maverick. 
It's been so long since I'd read The Hate U Give 
that I forgot most of the backstory 
so reading this book I didn't know the ending. 
Classic Angie Thomas, it was well done, 
though I did enjoy her other two books better. 

It's In His Kiss 
By Julia Quinn

The 7th Bridgerton book 
and, dare I say, this was my favorite!
Hyacinth is a most delightful character. 
and Lady Danbury is wildly funny. 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

How to Raise Kids who Aren't Assholes 
By Melinda Wenner Moyer 

5 stars. 
Truly excellent book. 
It hits all the major big topics 
(racism, sexism, sibling fighting, everything
with grace and a no-judgement approach. 
It's well organized 
and has very clear steps forward. 

Aaron randomly picked this out for me
because he was intrigued by the "bad word" on the cover 
and I'm so glad he did!

The Hike 
By Drew Magary 

This is Adam's favorite book 
and after much nagging, I finally read it. 

This is not my type of book. 
It's very Alice in Wonderland-esque, 
with a pointless fantasy quest 
that doesn't mean anything until the last few pages. 

The only thing saving it from 2 stars 
is that Magary's humor is hilarious. 
But seriously, it was pointless and dumb. 

The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot 
By Marianne Cronin 


I really liked the beginning of the book. 
I thought the characters quirky and delightful. 
(Erika compared it to Fredrik Backman 
and I can see that). 
But in the middle of the book, 
you learn via flashback that the baby dies. 
And that wrecked the whole book for me. 
The following stories didn't redeem themselves 
and in the end it was a just a depressing life story. 

The Power of Writing it Down: 
A Simple Habit to Unlock Your Brain 
and Reimagine Your Life 

Interesting concept, with great science-backed research. 
I would have preferred this as a long article 
rather than a compact book (only 224 pages, but still). 
It did inspire me to pick up writing again 
and I have enjoyed writing during my naptime reading time. 

The Unhoneymooners 
By Christina Lauren 

LOVED this book. 
It gives off "The Hating Game" vibes (review here).
Wildly funny, easy read, deeply enjoyable. 
It was the palate cleanser I needed 
after a slog of mediocre books. 

Like many chick-lit books, 
it's cliché and quite predicable, 
but not so much that I didn't like it. 
Again, the humor offset any negative cliches. 

I picked it up from the library at 12:30pm 
and finish it at 9:30pm. 
My fastest book turnaround ever. 

The Uncommon Reader 
By Alan Bennett 

This short novella creates a funny scenario 
where the Queen of England becomes an avid reader... 
and the fallout that ensues. 

It's a bit dry but it's so short (120 pages) 
and if you like British royalty, you'll like this. 

The Paper Palace 
By Miranda Cowley Heller 

This book sucked me in 
and I couldn't put it down. 
The writing is stunning 
and the storyline sweeps you along. 
It has very "Wild Game" vibes to it (review here).  

That said, this book is FULL of trauma, 
particularly sexual trauma. 
In the end, it was too much trauma for me. 
When the book ended, instead of feeling satisfied, 
I felt weighed down by it's heaviness. 

People We Meet on Vacation 
By Emily Henry

This was a charming little chick lit book. 
The dialogue was funny 
and I enjoyed how every other chapter 
went back in time in their friendship, 
from the day they met and then chronologically to present, 
unraveling their past friendship. 
I struggle when books jump around in time, 
so this being chronological was very appreciated. 

That said, I disliked the "big secret" 
which was wildly predicable
Also, the book felt overhyped. 
Was it good? Yes. 
Does everyone need to read it? No. 


  1. I'm still so sad you didn't love Lenny & Margot :( And your review of The Uncommon Reader has me intrigued...

  2. I think that's why I haven't read People You Meet on Vacation - it's been so hyped up and I've also seen a lot of people I trust not love it... I think I liked Concrete Rose the best of the trio?? I love Christina Lauren, was that your first one of theirs to read? Also I now want to check out the parenting book, thanks Aaron! I cracked up at how you described The Hike, haha.

  3. I haven't met a Christina Lauren book I didn't love! I haven't read People I've Met On Vacation yet even though I really enjoyed her first novel because of the hype. Totally agree with your review of Concrete Rose; well-done, but I still liked her other two better. The Kids title is hilarious- I would read it just for that (if I had kids)!