Monday, February 28, 2022

Books I Read: February

 Books Read in February: 5 
2022 Running Total: 15

The month started slowly 
then ended with a bang 
as I finished two books the same day. 

We Are Not Like Them 
By Christine Pride 
and Jo Piazza 

This was very, very good. 
A gripping storyline 
with so many interesting, intertwined characters.  
It reminded me of a Jodi Picoult book, 
where you see the situation from so many points of view. 
I learned a lot from reading it. 

By Abby Wambach 

Given my love of Glennon Doyle, 
of course I would read her wife's book. 
I was shocked it was only 92 pages! 
It's less of a "reader's book" 
and much more a handbook manual, 
the kind you give aspiring female athletes 
or an aspiring female corporate climber 
or any female growing up in our society. 

Since it's so short, it's perfect for those 
who may not be big readers, 
but could use some encouragement as they navigate 
the imposing patriarchy that surrounds our world. 

Without Merit 
By Colleen Hoover 

I really LOVED this book. 
It was one of my oldest ten books to read 
and I'm so glad I did. 

I fell in love with the quirky characters 
and the weird dysfunctional family. 
I don't normally care for angsty teens 
but I loved this protagonist.

It would have been a 5 star book 
except the ending wrapped up a little too happy. 
I LOVE me a happy ending 
but this was unrealistically too happy for me. 
Or maybe just a bit too abrupt. 

Anyway, still excellent book. 

Apples Never Fall
By Liane Moriarty

I loved this book. 
It sucked me in 
and I looked forward to reading it. 
The last 1/3 I literally could not put it down. 
We were in Florida visiting my in-laws 
and I quite literally hid myself 
so I could finish this book, 
letting my in-laws parent my kids. 

It reminded me a lot of 
“The Last Mrs Parrish”
because of a very psychotic character. 

If I had one complaint, 
it’s that the title didn’t really fit the book. 
And that always annoys me. 

Empire of Pain: 
The Secret History 
of the Sackler Dynasty 

This was a book club book 
and, as I’ve done before,
 I’ll hold opinions until after we meet. 

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I am blogging these two books 
from my iPhone in Florida 
and can’t figure out how to insert images. 
The day this publishes I’ll arrive home 
(Lest any internet troll is thinking of robbing our house while we are gone) 
and I’ll update images once I’m back to my laptop.