Friday, April 29, 2022

Books I Read: April

 Total April Books: 5
2022 Running Total: 26

Dial A for Aunties 
By Jesse Q Sutanto 

Eye-rolling funny. 
The plot was ridiculous, 
like a slapstick comedy. 
It reminded me of Wedding Crashers or The Hangover: 
outlandish plot with scenarios 
that also make you double over laughing. 

By Will Smith, Mark Manson 

I love memoirs 
and I've always liked Will Smith, 
so not surprising that 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

It was a mix of funny and important life lessons. 
It was engaging, relatable, and very interesting. 
The last few chapters lost me a little bit, 
with his spiritual awakening 
(which often happens to me, 
as I've not yet reached that transcendent stage), 
but overall it was great. 

I feel like I can't end this review without addressing the Oscars incident.
(Ironically my book came off hold the day after!)
I was channeling all I learned from Sharon McMahon 
and not forming a preemptive opinion, but  
the longer I go, the more I feel like it's not my space to have an opinion. 
A black man struck a black man to defend his black wife. 
As one black influencer pointed out: 
"Historically, black men have not been allowed to defend their wives." 
Me and my white opinion will sit this one out. 

by John Grisham 

One of my oldest 10 resolutions. 
It was a short, easy read, 
and I blew threw it in 24 hours. 

Football is my favorite sport; 
I find the game complex enough to be engaging 
(versus, say, baseball or basketball), 
but I recognize it's faults 
and this book contains all of them
starting with a heavy dose of toxic masculinity
The story also glorifies the faults you find in small town football, 
e.g.: pouring money into football programs 
while critically underfunding every other program, 
a common practice that makes me seethe in rage. 

Atlas of the Heart 
By Brene Brown 

This is part encylcopedia, 
part coffee table book. 
The weight, size, and color make it beautiful display 
while the content makes it something you reference again and again. 

In no way is it a "read like a regular book" book.

There were a lot of "ah ha!" moments for me, 
as well as a lot of "I can't relate to this at all.
I plan to buy it and use it as a coffee table / book shelf anchor book.

All My Rage 
By Sabaa Tahir 

I really hated the first 2/3 of this book. 
It was depressing, 
full of bad decisions and shitty characters, 
plus hints of a big secret 
(something I don't like in books). 

But then it got good 
and I couldn't put it down. 
Last 1/3 was beautiful 
and redeemed the first 2/3 


Books I Didn't Finish

How Did I Get So Busy? 
By Valorie Burton

This was a self-help book that was unhelpful 
and a total snoozefest. 
It was vague, 
high level, 
and didn't offer any real concrete steps. 

I polled on instagram whether or not I should rate on goodreads, 
and Erika shared her rating metric 
which if she read 50% of the book 
or roughly 100-ish pages, 
she would review it. 
I stopped at page 94 (40%) 
and decided not to waste any more time. 

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  1. I have never read a single Brene Brown book, but it seems like everyone loves her? I'm excited to talk about All My Rage!!