About Me

Hi, I'm Emily Cole, 
and this is my personal blog:
 The Cole Bin.  
I blog about whatever comes to mind. 
I have no theme, no subject, no niche, nothing.
And no filter. 
TMI and controversial topics 
happen all the time here. 

So what else about me? 

My birthday is January 1st. 
I was raised in Central NY 
but now live in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. 

I majored in accounting in college 
and graduated in 2007 to work in Big 4 Accounting, 
where I met my husband Adam, 
who had also just graduated. 

We got married April 30, 2011. 

After we got married, 
Adam went to law school 
and is now an attorney. 

We are a mixed-religion household, 
(let's say 75% Christian and 25% Jewish), 
which means we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah 
and Easter and Passover, 
as well as other Jewish holidays throughout the year. 

Our first son Aaron was born in March 2013 
and since Adam was still in law school, 
I went back to work afterwards. 

My all-time favorite picture of Aaron at 18 months old. 

When our second son Oliver was born in April 2016, 
I made the switch from Working Mom 
to Stay-at-Home-Mom ("SAHM"). 
For the record, I definitely think it's harder to be a Working Mom. 
I have a whole series of comparison subjects on that here

My all-time favorite picture of Oliver at 18 months old. 
And yes, the EXACT SAME OUTFIT as Aaron was at 18 months old. 

Our third son Carson was born January 2020. 

If this isn't enough information about me, 

there's a ton of really random stuff 
in survey-like format in these posts here